Amazon Echo banking: Get Alexa to check your balance, make payments and more

Alexa can transfer your money with just one command.

Online banking is a wonderful time-saver, but even logging into your banking app on your phone over and over again can feel like a hassle. For the real hands-free banking experience, use your Amazon Echo ($100 at Crutchfield) to check your bank account balance, transfer money and get a handle on your recent transactions.

Linking your Echo to your account is quick and private. Don’t worry, you’re not sharing your personal banking info with Amazon when you connect it to the Alexaapp. Just make sure you feel comfortable with the people who might be within earshot when Alexa responds.

Unfortunately, the list of banks that are compatible with Alexa right now is pretty slim, but you can connect your bank account to PayPal and use it to make payments.

Here’s how to get started.


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