Analytics are a pain. Here’s what we did to make them better.

It’s spring, the perfect time for cleaning things up. People are giving away their furniture, throwing away their clothes, and dumping everything that doesn’t “spark joy” into a massive pit. But even if you’ve got your home and desk ship-shape, you might still have trouble with your marketing data. Analytics are a pain to run on any credit union website design, because there’s so many different things to track. Handling the “mess” is a daunting task.

The Problem

On any given page, you probably want to look at:

  • Page views
  • Conversions (clicks for each call to action)
  • Bounces
  • Follow-through—did your visitor just start their online loan application, or did they complete one?

We recently had the same challenge on a website we worked on. At BloomCU, we believe in data-driven design. We are well-versed in what the data says makes a successful website, from beautiful aesthetics to seamless navigation. We incorporate these elements, and then we test them to double-check things are working the way they should.


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