Analytics offer a smarter approach to collections and underwriting

A new approach to debt collection at WSECU is cutting contact center costs by $8,000 a month and identifying borrowers that need early intervention.

It costs approximately $1 a minute for the average call center to serve a caller. That’s according to callback solutions provider VHT. As such, reducing call volume by shifting calls to automated phone systems, online banking, and mobile apps can translate into big savings.

For credit unions, outbound calling is an important channel for borrower communication, debt collection, and charge-off reduction. However, how can a credit union determine which borrowers to call? How soon and how often should the credit union call? And, which slow payers are at risk of becoming delinquent borrowers?

Analytics and member data are helping to answer those questions at Washington State Employees Credit Union($3.0B, Olympia, WA), which has doubled in size in the past decade and today has branches stretching from Seattle to Spokane.


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