Another day, another dollar

Three in 10 U.S. workers foresee working past retirement age.

More employees in America than ever before are working past the age of 65.

In fact, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that nearly 20% Americans over 65 find themselves still on the job, according to a recent article at This is the largest portion of older people holding jobs since the early 1960s, in pre-Medicare times.

“That percentage, combined with the size of the baby-boom generation, makes for the most 65-and-over workers in history,” the article notes.

Working past traditional retirement age is a trend that at least two recent surveys indicate is likely to continue.

Twenty-three percent of workers recently surveyed by Willis Towers Watson indicate a need to work beyond age 70 “to live comfortably in retirement,” says, while 32% think they will have to retire later than they originally planned. Five-percent don’t see retirement in their future at all.

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