Apparently this is brain surgery

The new year is sure to bring a lot of changes to mortgage lending. I normally provide some sort of predictions for the year, but at this stage that’s a crap-shoot. It’s probably just better to share some things we, as Credit Unions wanting to be memberlicious, need to pay attention to.

My staff will tell you that I regularly remind them that “We need to remember we do mortgage lending every day and our members only do it once every few years.” In fact, I said it in two different meetings on Monday.

My point is that we need to make mortgage lending simple for our members. Well, apparently I’ve been right because it appears mortgage lending is akin to brain surgery………….

Please note these aren’t political views in favor of one party or another or one candidate or another. They are simply some observations about what the mortgage media has been saying. There’s been a lot of stuff going on, so grab a cup of coffee and perhaps some of that leftover Christmas chocolate you’ve been trying to give away and read on.

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