Are we failing our kids in financial literacy?

The spirit of financial literacy and its advocates can come from anyone, anywhere. And in 2022, we need as many proponents as we can get. Whether they’re champions of financial health like QCash or an individual’s personal story of economic perseverance and achievement in small town America, the power of financial literacy and education needs to be turned up to 11, especially when broadcast to our nation’s youth and young adults.

Fortunately, that’s where Ndamukong Suh comes in. Unfamiliar? An NCAA college football All-American, Ndamukong is one of this era’s greatest players in the National Football League, a Super Bowl champion, a near-lock for the NFL Hall of Fame . . . and also a huge advocate for financial literacy and education for youth in America. (May we also mention his name recognition and popularity among these millions of impressionable young sports fans?)

Investing as well in over 30 companies, Suh educated himself in the ways of financial literacy and, according to one CNBC article highlighting his activism, the three-time-1st Team All-Pro is a rock-solid believer that financial literacy remains the foundation for financial success and opines it should be taught prominently in the U.S. school system.

“Financial literacy definitely needs to be in the school system. I wish I had it when I was growing up,” says Suh. “It’s important for our youth to learn that at an early age because it becomes very prevalent in their life . . . whether it’s renting a car, buying a car, looking for your first home or looking for your first apartment and understanding your credit as part of those different decisions. If you don’t have that basic foundation and that knowledge, you’re not going to be able to succeed in life.”


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