Are You Drowning Your Marketing & BD Staff?

It happens gradually. Budgets are tighter. Employees are busier. Staff is downsized. Conferences are cut.

Yet at the same time marketing and business development professionals face these workplace challenges, something else happens. Demands are increased. Goals are raised. Expectations are enlarged. Workloads are multiplied.

So on the one hand we cut, cut, cut and on the other end we raise, we raise, we raise. What are the results and what happens in the end? Employees crying in their cars during lunch because they can’t take the stress.

As executives, what can we do to help our stressed employees? We can regroup and refresh.


One of the best discussions you can have with your sales, marketing and business development staff is one about their goals. Their goals must be realistic. You can’t expect Champaign results on a beer budget. But it’s not just the budget. Have we added several extra projects (think social media) to our marketing to do list yet not given them additional staffing resources?

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