Are You Selling Products—Or Helping Members Achieve Their Goals?

Investment programs help members achieve their goals and dreams.

by Phillip Hansen

My wife recently decided we needed to remodel our master bathroom. Being a financial advisor, I had no idea how to pull this off nor did I have any experience to draw on.

Armed with nothing more than a few Google searches and some YouTube videos, I headed off to the nearest big box store for some plumbing parts. The gentleman helping me asked what parts I needed, and I soon realized I was way over my head.

I didn’t understand anything I was being asked. Not wanting to look foolish, I pretended to know what I was talking about and soon headed home with a cart full of stuff which, to no surprise, was completely incompatible and not suited for my project.

Next, I headed to a local plumbing store and explained what I was trying to accomplish. The associate there was very experienced and spent more time trying to understand what I was doing.

He looked at the pictures I had taken, and even had me call my wife to get the final authority on the project. He then proceeded to help me pick out the proper supplies, and showed me how to install them.

In the end, the ultimate difference was that the first establishment wanted to sell me some parts, whereas the second sought to help me remodel a bathroom.

There is a significant difference between selling someone a product and helping them achieve their goals. It is the same in the credit union movement.

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