Are your predictions limiting your strategic thinking?

Predictions are a tricky business

Leaders assess how the world might or might not change. Whether it’s new non-traditional competition, cutting-edge technologies, evolving business models, or changing member behaviors, developing successful strategies today relies on decision-makers opening their minds to the possibilities and then choosing a path. Are you thinking creatively enough about how the world might change around you and how to ensure your credit union does not get left behind?

Consider the disruptions in financial services today. Like Blockbuster above, should strategy focus on behemoths like Wal-Mart and Apple, or are there greater threats in newer business models like M-Pesa, SoFi, and The Lending Club? Perhaps the greater threats and opportunities are evolving technologies. All of this is happening on top of traditional competition, regulation, and the economy.

Good strategy begins with careful consideration of possible threats and opportunities. Identifying the future you’re planning for is an important first step. With the future uncertain, even the best-laid plans are likely to run into unanticipated challenges. It can be useful, then, to ask, “What if the strategies we pursue are based on expectations that don’t come to pass?”

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