How to encourage a high performance board at your credit union

Here are 15 ways to engage in best practice director behavior, plus four governance patterns you should consider.

Each organization has a culture, a way of practicing values and beliefs. In a credit union, the culture starts at the top—in the boardroom—and emanates from there to the executive team and staff. When the board is in alignment to be high performing, the CEO has an easier job of creating and maintaining a highly engaged organizational culture.

The board’s role is simple: strategy, policy and advocacy. How directors organize themselves to create an engaged and productive board centers on a commitment for the group to act as such, an engaged and productive board. Engaged and productive directors increase board fitness by modeling the credit union’s vision, mission, and values in and outside of the boardroom.

Low-Hanging Fruit
Here’s a list of 15 easy and common sense things you and your fellow directors can do on your path to being a high performing board.

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