Assessing board governance at your credit union

Assessments beyond just the credit union's board of directors

Performance assessments at the staff level of a credit union are commonplace. They take place at most organizations at least annually. But what about assessing the performance of the CU’s leadership, namely the board of directors? While it may be less common, board assessment is no less important.

In the webinar “When and How to Assess your Credit Union’s Governance,” presenter Michael Daigneault, CCD, discussed best practices in board governance. Founder and CEO of Quantum Governance, L3C, and a CUES strategic partner, Daigneault spoke about the importance of assessments and how to perform one.

Why Perform an Assessment?

The term “board assessment” is widely used in the credit union industry. And those assessments take a wide range of forms as well: individual skills assessments, peer-to-peer assessments, group assessments that gauge performance of the board as a whole.

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