Asset managers need a single point of access into a network of managed-account sponsors

Want to make life easier for asset managers? A single point of access into a network of managed-account sponsors allows asset managers to move effortlessly across multiple sponsor platforms. This approach to traditional, separately managed accounts and model portfolio distribution will help them easily implement, manage and monitor investment strategy and decisions.

Without this modernization, asset managers may continue to cope with the challenge of having several open accounts on their screens, each requiring separate login and password information and each in danger of timing out while asset managers work. Imagine how frustrating the same scenario would be when reconciling all of your personal accounts – checking, savings, credit union, multiple credit cards – with several screens open on your laptop and all with separate logins.

Asset managers, whose model portfolio or strategy is distributed to multiple wrap sponsors, must currently implement investment strategy changes made on their home platform across a multitude of sponsor platforms. Moving among screens with different navigations, logins and behaviors is just the first hurdle to overcome. When one sponsor is filled, managing rotating trades across sponsors and routing trades through to the next one can also be an issue. Or, if rotation is not needed, asset managers typically must use manual processes on each platform to get trades completed across all sponsor platforms. The headaches mount when you consider disparate file layouts and the need to download, potentially translate and upload trades.multiple sponsor platforms

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