Do your ATMs have what digital consumers demand?

Even as new forms of electronic payments explode on the scene, we continue to hear it: Cash is king. Consumers rely on it. In fact, a new survey found nine out of 10 consumers used cash in past six months while just over half used digital payments in that timeframe. Experts from across the landscape, domestic to international, agree a cashless society would be rife with problems.

For the banked consumer, the ATM is the most popular means of getting to their paper money. ATM Marketplace recently surveyed 1,000 ATM users and found nearly a third of U.S. consumers use an ATM at least once a week.

As one of the earliest use cases for digital transformation, the ATM has evolved over its fifty years in existence to offer even more than cash withdrawls. Network innovators, like CO-OP Financial Services, continue to push the boundaries of the now-ubiquitous channel. They view the ATM as a golden opportunity to provide even more seamless, even more secure financial experiences to consumers.

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