Attention credit union bean counters: employee happiness adds up

Research shows that engaged staff are more productive.

by. Jeff DeWolf

So you think a focus on people and organizational health is “soft” with no measurable impact on the bottom line? Think again.

There’s a little organization called Gallup, and it has more data than the National Security Agency—and that data is compelling. Those of us with smaller budgets—and a noticeable lack of Ph.D.’s on our staffs—can benefit greatly from Gallup’s work.

Show me the money

First of all, no disrespect intended to good old numbers-driven finance folks. Every organization should be fiscally responsible and ready to challenge requests for expense dollars. I get that.

Sometimes, however, it takes one additional step to calculate the true economic impact of a decision. Investments in culture, employee engagement, organizational health, and leadership often require an additional cause and effect review.

Before you roll your eyes, keep reading, because facts are facts.

Just the facts, ma’am

Gallup has provided a bunch of facts in its Q12 Meta-Analysis study. It found that employee engagement levels correlate directly to key outcomes in every economic climate.

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