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- by Liz Garster, TwoScore

Employee engagement: Your marketing’s secret weapon

Your auto refinance campaign is just a week from launch and everything seems ready to roll: the offer? Finalized. The artwork? Designed. The disclosures? Compliance approved (woohoo!). The only thing ...

- by Liz Garster, TwoScore

The perfect day at work does not exist

Say someone asked you to describe the “perfect workday.” You might rattle off something like this: “I arrive early at 7:45 a.m. with coffee in-hand. My daily tasks ...

- by Liz Garster, TwoScore

Giving your marketing a second chance

There is a moment in Forest Gump that perfectly encapsulates the magic we feel as we feel as we wind down the year. Forest’s date, Lenore, lights up as ...