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How to survive a ransomware attack
- by Dataprise

How to survive a ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are surging and becoming more dangerous as cybercriminals activate double extortion schemes that threaten both data encryption and publishing of confidential information. To combat Ransomware 2.0, organizations ...

- by Jami Jennings, VisiFI

How to go digital, stay personal

1. Go digital and engage with younger generations Millennials and Generation Z are not so different: they both share the need for a financial partner that can help them organize ...

Using data and insights to drive growth in banking PODCAST
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Using data and insights to drive growth in banking PODCAST

Jim Marous: Hello and welcome to banking transform solutions, a new podcast that provides financial institutions insight into marketplace solutions that can help organizations for the digital banking transformation. I&#...

- by Emily Fagan, Alkami

How to identify home lending opportunities

There’s something old and reliable about the annual Spring and Summer real estate boom. Like clockwork, buyers and sellers come out of the cold eager to upgrade, downsize, or ...

- by JMFA

Five steps to avoid overdraft litigation

Law firms are targeting community banks and credit unions for their overdraft practices. While regulatory changes have been few in recent years, litigation is increasingly putting pressure on banking practices. ...