Avoid miscommunication with these best practices

My organization is in the midst of our individual review process. I know the timing of reviews varies from company to company – some do it at the end of the fiscal year, others do it throughout the year when employees hit milestones. But as I am currently in the review mindset, this blog from leadership expert Lolly Daskal on effective communication caught my attention.

Communication is one of the most important skills for leaders to work on. Sure, charisma can come naturally, but effective communication is intentional. During reviews – especially if difficult conversations are required – leaders and managers must be focused and prepared to be direct and honest, without coming across as apathetic. Daskal gives insights into seven things great leaders do to avoid miscommunication:

  1. They listen to understand. Conversations are all about making connections. Developing meaningful connections comes with understanding the other person, and you can only do that when you stop worrying about what you’re going to say next and really think about what they’re saying. Your relationship will grow as you’re able to build on previous conversations.


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