Bacon is not Canadian bacon

What credit unions can learn from Dominos Pizza about creating and dominating member experience.

Ordering your favorite pizza by phone can be a risk. Order Canadian bacon and pineapple, and you may not get the right bacon. Regular bacon and pineapple pizza is not great and, more importantly, it wasn’t what you ordered.

Enter online pizza ordering and, even better, Domino’s pizza tracker.

Tansley Stearns, CME, CSE, chief innovation officer of Filene Research Institute, and Michael Neill, CSE, founder and CEO of MNA, Inc., see Dominos as an innovator in both the pizza world and the world of member service. They discussed it during the CUES Webinar “Unlock the Secrets to Creating & Dominating Member Experience.”

Dominos even has a way to order via emoji and Bluetooth. “They’ve found a way to be anywhere you are when you get that urge to order pizza,” said Stearns. “They aren’t just omni-present; they’re omni-available.”

Stearns challenged credit unions to look at innovative ways to be available to members. That can start with journey mapping.

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