Banned crutch words for 2018

Every bank or credit union has its own unique way of handling internal communications. How well you communicate with staff has far-reaching implications, including your culture and brand. However, there are good ways to communicate and not-so-good ways to communicate.

With that in mind, there are a few horrific words and phrases you should absolutely avoid in your content marketing strategy. These clichéd, hackneyed and over-hyped roadkills of the communications world are definitely to be avoided. Please keep an attentive eye open for the following and delete from your vacabulary this year (and every year).

  • Synergy. Or synergize. Or synergistic. Or any other variation of this corporate bizspeak abomination.
  • Touch base. Just say “let’s visit” or “let’s meet.” Or even “can we set up a time to talk?” This isn’t second grade and we’re not playing tag with someone stuck being “it.”


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