Be an offensive communicator

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Brian Sacks present “The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Loan Officers Make” at myCUmortgage’s annual partner conference.

Brian is a well-respected speaker on mortgage origination and has originated in excess of 5,000 homes loans for more than $1 billion in his career. He has authored courses for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and has written for numerous industry publications. Brian has conducted classes for Realtors and for over two decades has authored courses approved for Realtors continuing education credits. He has appeared on more than forty radio stations as a mortgage expert as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Comcast TV. So it’s easy to say he’s an expert on mortgage originations. You can learn more about Brian at his website.

Brian gave an interactive talk where shared mistakes that he sees loan originators make that prevent them from being more successful. Many of his ideas would help originators become more memberlicious, but here’s my favorite concept – Be an “Offensive” Communicator…

My favorite part of Brian’s talked about how to be an “offensive” communicator and not being a victim. We’ve all been asked this question by a borrower or a Realtor – “How long will it take you to close my loan?” It’s a legitimate question but there’s lots of potential answers.

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