Be prepared to pivot from your first decision

Payments University speaker teaches how to make good choices in times of uncertainty.

How exactly does Enron make money?

That was the gist of the big question reporter and writer Bethany McClean asked then Enron-CEO Jeff Skilling during what was perhaps the biggest interview of her career as a business writer.

Based on her study of the company’s financials, McClean thought something seemed off in the company’s stock value. Of course, it wasn’t too long after that that the company went under and the leadership team and board were investigated for wrongdoing. (Read one of McClean’s questioning articles published by Fortune in 2011.)

Kathy Pearson, Ph.D., told this anecdote to attendees of CUES’ inaugural Payments University in April 2017 to underscore the idea that decision-making in changing times means making a choice about your credit union’s direction and then being prepared to change. First people looked at Enron as a great company and a stock to buy. But with more information—and questions like the one from McClean—that thinking changed.


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