‘Be your best advocate’

Stephen Gale found opportunities for career growth at BMI Federal Credit Union.

Stephen Gale, BMI Federal Credit Union

I have been a credit union member since I opened my first account in 2005 at the age of 13. I had little choice in the matter: My father served on the board of directors of a local credit union. Still, I am grateful, and that account remains open to this day.

I went to college to become a teacher. After experiencing no luck in securing a teaching position, I went to work for a small nonprofit. When it became clear there were no immediate opportunities for upward movement within that organization, I started searching for a new job.

I told my father I wanted to work with an organization that was local-focused and would provide me with room to grow. He suggested I consider credit unions as a career option.

I started applying to credit unions around Columbus, Ohio. Hoping to get my foot in the door, I applied to be a member service representative (MSR) at BMI Federal Credit Union in Dublin, Ohio.


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