The best time for selling a home

List your home when it will sell fastest and at the highest price

Selling a home can take months, but if you list it during specific dates, so-called “magic windows,” you might be able to speed up the process and sell at a higher price. The windows generally fall in the month of May—something to consider if you plan to sell your home next year.

The benefit to listing your home at the right time can be significant. Overall, U.S. homes listed during peak selling periods sell for a premium of $1,700, according to data from housing website Zillow, which analyzed residential listings and sales data from 2008 through 2015. During these periods, homes also went into contract 19 days faster than they do, on average, the rest of the year.

While May is generally the best month to sell, the specific weeks depend on variables such as climate and local real estate markets. In some areas, such as New York and Northern New Jersey, the first two weeks of May is typically the optimal time to sell. In other markets, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, the peak season comes later—during the last two weeks of May.

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