Beyond Benefits: Executive compensation and benefits survey results are in

Attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for credit unions of all sizes. Standard benefits may not suffice for highly compensated employees, posing challenges in maintaining competitiveness. Executive benefit programs offer a competitive advantage when recruiting new leaders by enhancing total compensation and demonstrating a long-term commitment. Gallagher helps ensure these plans align with goals of an organization as well as the expectations of key executives.

Gallagher conducts an annual survey and provides a full report of the data including extensive analysis with digestible charts and tables. This report is provided to all survey participants as a complimentary resource that is also available upon request.

The survey

The Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey is a valuable resource for decision-makers. This year’s report contains data from 725 credit unions and 2,530 executives including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and next four highest compensated executives.

Hundreds of data points, grouped by asset size, help credit unions understand how they compare to similarly sized credit unions.


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