Biz Kid$ financial education TV program returns for Season 6

After 5 years, the award-winning financial education program Biz Kid$ has launched a new season, helping to bring all episodes back in heavy rotation on public television. This new season is comprised of 6 episodes that focus on teaching young adults personal finance and entrepreneurship in the same “edu-tainment” format.

Produced by the creative team behind “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Biz Kid$ takes a fun approach to financial literacy with comic sketches and antics that appeal to kids from late elementary through high school. Hosted by a group of young people, the series teaches the importance of giving back to the community and the basics of smart money management based on national financial literacy educational standards.

The new season’s episodes tap into timely topics of personal finance and entrepreneurship, including weighing the costs of a college education, turning $100 into $1,000,000, and attempting to answer the timeless question, “Can money buy happiness?” Celebrity guests include Monique Coleman from “High School Musical.”


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