Blockchain: Your link to speed, security and growth

Blockchain isn’t a secret. You’ve read about it, heard about it and, perhaps, found yourself in discussions about it. It is, after all, among the fastest-evolving areas of technology. Yet blockchain still is often misunderstood, leaving financial professionals wrestling with one major question: Why should I care?

It’s a fair question that stems from understandable skepticism. You might suspect it’s simply the latest tech fad. Or maybe you think it applies only to the megabanks; not your department or financial institution.

The answer goes straight to a financial institution’s bottom line: Blockchain matters because it holds the potential to fuel the growth of your business by improving the transparency, auditability, security and speed of financial transactions and applications.

Those characteristics are fundamental reasons why Fiserv cares about blockchain. Along with leading institutions and industry participants, we are actively engaging to define practical applications of the technology that drive value for our clients and their customers.


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