A blogger’s blog about blogging

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and every other social media platform out there, many people (millennials in particular) have completely bought into the idea that all their thoughts are worth sharing and that the world will respond. Many have even taken that belief to the next level by starting a blog. But is it true? Does every idea, belief and opinion deserve an audience?

I’m all for generating new content but after a while, I realized that not everyone is going to be the next top fashion blogger or the acclaimed food critic telling you to skip the hamburger at that hot new restaurant. Every blogger has to find their own voice and, honestly, it seems as if a lot of those voices are being echoed.

When starting a new blog or a new post on an existing blog, it is important to ask yourself a series of questions. What makes my POV unique? How do I approach my audience from an intriguing angle? Who can I work with to help me generate my goal? As a reformed blogger myself, I understand just how difficult the process is ­– my readers couldn’t care less about my recipe for 3-point Weight Watchers chili or my kickin’ new exercise gear if the message is sloppy and overdone.

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