Your brand needs a voice

Think about all the competition your bank or credit union faces. There are all the other banks and credit unions around town, not to mention payday lenders, upstart online banking options and even crowd-sourced lending options. It’s definitely a crowded playing field.

If you’ve already invested time and money in a brand, congratulations, you’re on the right track. However, in order to truly divest itself from the cacophony of other financial services providers vying for consumers’ time, your brand must have its own unique voice.

More importantly, this brand voice must accurately and actively mirror your bank or credit union culture. Culture, the genetic makeup of your financial situation, is best uncovered and polished-off during brand-specific workshop exercises. The road to unearthing your unique culture (and subsequent brand voice) will require deep-thinking, answering difficult questions and taking big steps. But the end result, your unique brand voice, is worth the effort.

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