Brett Culp: Honor everyday heroes

Filmmaker draws inspiration from telling people's positive, powerful life stories.

Brett Culp believes in the power of video and film to inspire and empower.

“As I started to fall in love with filmmaking and improved as a storyteller, I realized my gift was to find light in dark spaces—to see the power and the goodness in people and in their life stories even when they could not see it for themselves,” he says.

Culp is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, and famous athletes. His 2013 documentary, “Legends of the Knight,” which tells true stories of people who become real-life heroes through their love of the comic book character Batman, is a prime example of that gift.

One of those heroes is Lenny Robinson, who became internet famous for getting pulled over by the police while driving down an interstate in Baltimore in a replica of the Batmobile while wearing a full Batman costume.

“There is this video from the dash cam of the police car where you can hear the police officers talking, where you see Batman get pulled over by the police, and it is hilarious,” Culp says.


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