Bridging the gap

In 1854, it was estimated that more than 30,000 abandoned children were living on the streets of New York City. That year, a movement to find these children, and others from large cities, a home was born. Its name: The Orphan Train.

The aptly named Orphan Train brought orphans cross-country, primarily to the Midwest. The most notable stop, as featured in books and plays, is the state of Minnesota. To this day children of the Orphan Train who were adopted by Minnesota families still gather annually to remember this important catalyst in their lives.

With this history, it’s no wonder that the state of Minnesota is consistently first in the nation in adoptions per capita. Given this statistic, it makes sense that a local Minnesota credit union, like Firefly, would lead the way for a nation-wide, pro-family adoption loan that breaks down today’s biggest barrier for families – the expense.

Today a staggering 107,918 foster children are awaiting adoption in the U.S. alone, with more than 20,000 aging out of foster care without being placed in a permanent home. The problem is drastic and according to two Minnesota adoption agencies, the biggest reason is a lack of funds to cover the costs of the adoption process. This massive gap between potential adoptive families and waiting children, is a great opportunity to remind the nation why the credit union movement is so special. The credit union philosophy is “people helping people” and that is the foundation of this loan.

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