To build your fortune, adopt a millionaire’s mindset

If I said that becoming wealthy had mostly to do with deciding to become wealthy, you’d likely stop reading this article. However, science and thousands of interviews with successful, wealthy people show that how you think and behave has more to do with future wealth than luck or birth.

Can you really think and behave your way into wealth? Yes!

Consider that 70% of the billionaires on Forbes most wealthy list are self-made? That means that they didn’t start with wealth, but have it now and in excess. As you study the wealthy from millionaires up to billionaires, you will find common traits and patterns among them. As Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues.”

Below you’ll find five clues the wealthy leave for us to follow to our own wealth. These key indicators may be the missing link you needed to get to the next level or to reignite your hope of achieving your own American Dream.

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