Build great leaders through volunteerism

What makes a great leader? Some traits that come to mind might be decisiveness, confidence, empathy, and the ability to motivate a team. No matter the traits, each skill is gained through practical experience, and, as the world recovers from the COVID crisis, the workforce can now turn their focus toward their personal and professional development. Similarly, the unprecedented times we have all witnessed in the past year have shed light on the need for volunteers in communities. Volunteerism provides benefits far beyond the obvious help to charitable causes—it is also a catalyst for developing leadership skills in working professionals.

How Volunteerism Shapes Professional Success, a study conducted by Markitects, Inc., surveyed 90 working professionals with an average of 24 years in the workforce to assess the effect volunteerism has on professional development. Out of the 90 participants surveyed, 83% of respondents listed leadership as a skill they acquired, improved, or developed as a result of volunteering.

Volunteering for a charitable cause can expand capabilities in an individual that will launch a pathway to leadership in the workplace. Here’s how:


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