Building an ethical company

Good or bad, people don’t enter the workforce with a fixed moral character. Employees can nurture their skills and abilities over time, molding themselves to be more ethical. This starts with the leadership in the organization.

In an article from the Harvard Business Review, Isaac H. Smith and Maryam Kouchaki discuss instilling ethics into one’s organization at the forefront, rather than introducing ethical conduct as a company protocol.

Here are a few tips from Smith and Kouchaki that highlight the potential for the workplace to be a “moral laboratory” where people can find the opportunities and support to learn and grow:

  • Recognize the role of work in our lives

Work takes up a lot of time in everyone’s lives and it’s important to realize that work isn’t a break from life – rather, it’s incorporated into your life. It’s your duty to maintain your ethical standards as you work every day.


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