Building and sustaining momentum at your credit union

It’s hard to stop positive momentum. Whether it’s a sports team making successful play after successful play, or a company making gains in its respected field, momentum is difficult to stop.

Chris Myers, CEO of BodeTree and contributor to Entrepreneur, writes that positive momentum, or psychological momentum, is “a state of mind where an individual or teams feels things are going unstoppably their way.” He explains further: “Regardless of whether or not it’s true, initial success frequently leads to more success.”

He suggests acting like you’re already succeeding, focusing on the positive, celebrating victories and showing excitement as ways to build momentum in your business.

Similarly, Geoffrey James, contributor to, explains how to create upward momentum in your life. He suggests making a list of at least six areas in your life that are important to you and resolving to take at least one action each day to improve in one of those areas. Read James’ other tips here.

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