Call blockers should provide redress mechanisms for legit calls

The Federal Communications Commission should require entities that block or label calls to provide real-time notification and adopt effective, transparent and timely redress mechanisms, CUNA wrote to the FCC Friday. CUNA previously submitted comments to the FCC on erroneous call blocking, and Friday’s comments are in reply to others who answered that original request for feedback.

Numerous calling entities, including credit unions and representatives of public health and safety sectors, report increasing alarming levels of blocked calls, CUNA notes, and many of those comments provide substantial evidence of this increase.

“The disturbing fact is that there is no comprehensive or reliable data on the effectiveness of blocking tools to accurately identify illegitimate or fraudulent calls without also interfering with the ability of legitimate providers to have their calls completed or not mislabeled as “spam” calls,” the letter reads. “According to comments, the lack of data reflects a complex, developing ecosystem coupled with a lack of uniform definitions or standards regarding what constitutes “reasonable analytics.”


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