What you can learn from YouTube’s advertising crisis

YouTube has recently received backlash from advertisers who have learned their product advertisements were being shown alongside derogatory content they did not agree with. To add insult to injury, many video creators receive profit from the advertisements that are served on their videos, meaning companies have unknowingly been paying to “support” extremely controversial content creation. As a result, several large companies pulled branding from the platform’s videos and forced YouTube to take action and make changes to its targeted advertising structure, as well as how content creators are paid.

These advertisers want to target their content to specific audiences, and they want YouTube to provide a means to do so. Although YouTube has made recent changes to remedy their recent crisis, they still market to the masses, allowing ads to be served up anywhere and to anyone watching videos on its platform. This means its brand advertisers are still paying to be in front of irrelevant audiences.

As an organization sending mass volumes of business-critical documents, you have the power to individually impact every customer through your communications. Here’s how:

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