How you can reach credit union members on Instagram

It’s important for Credit Unions to always work to find new and better ways to engage with members, especially in this day and age when fewer and fewer people are visiting branches in person.

We are working with a few CU clients who are pushing out to members more and more via Instagram and seeing some great engagement and fun interactions there. All these efforts help to build relationships and trust with members, and to remain top of mind as they go about their daily lives, which is essential to better grow your CU’s share of a member’s wallet.

Here’s a few tips to help your staff reach more Credit Union members via Instagram:

Fully Optimize Your Profile

When you land on any Instagram account the first thing you see is a username, a photo, a short description and the ONLY clickable link on Instagram (except in ads). This is your chance to let your brand shine through and tell people what you are all about, DO NOT leave this section blank!

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