Card looks matter

Graphic designer shares visual card trends and techniques that can help catch a member's eye.

In the scramble to get top-of-wallet position, graphics count, and graphics need to reflect demographics and local markets, explains senior graphics designer Josh Hatcher of CUES Supplier member Vericast, San Antonio.

Metal cards are now popular for prestige programs, he notes. Graphic styles have moved from image-packed to streamlined and simple. Shiny foil fronts, translucent cards and metallic inks have all had their day in a nod to fashion.

Gift cards tend to have festive designs, while credit and debit cards often use designs unique to the financial institution’s location, branding or consumer demographics. Credit and debit cards can also use similar design characteristics to complement each other when issued as part of a series, Hatcher adds. Local landmarks and institutions can be featured. One bank collaborated with a local soccer team to provide consumers with a card design that highlights the alliance between the bank and the soccer organization.


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