Celebrate military family wins by getting the most from your VA loan

Military families are special. The character of their lives is marked by sacrifice, dedication, and unending support. They know what it means to come together as a family unit to make it through long trainings and deployments. They learn how to overcome physical distance with heartfelt goodnights via FaceTime, and teach their children the value of sacrificing personal time to serve something greater than themselves.

Military spouses keep households running while their loved ones are away—an act of service and sacrifice in its own right. They provide the invaluable emotional support that is so vital to service members’ mental health and wellbeing.

November is Military Family Appreciation Month—and what a time to celebrate family! As we gather together for the upcoming holidays, we invite you to take time with us to honor the sacrifices and celebrate the successes of military families across the country. We’d like to pay special tribute to the families who have met the unique demands of military life while also navigating a global pandemic with courage, commitment, and resilience.

Being part of a military family isn’t all about sacrifice—there are some perks that come with the territory! As a dedicated military advocate who’s spent the past three decades helping military families take advantage of their benefits and obtain low-interest home loans, I’d like to share some tips for service members and their families who want to use their VA loan to purchase a home.


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