Cheney: ‘We’ve energized the movement’

CUNA leader reflects on the strength of CUNA and the CU movement.

In March, CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney announced he would be stepping down to become CEO at $9.9 billion asset SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union in Santa Ana, Calif., taking over for longtime CEO Rudy Hanley, who’ll be retiring.

As Bill concludes his tenure at CUNA, Credit Union Magazine asked him to reflect on the accomplishments and memories of his term in office. The following is an abridged version of our conversation.

CU Mag: What did you find most challenging in your role as CUNA CEO?

Cheney: That’s an interesting question, because what’s most challenging about this job also can be the most rewarding.

There’s never, ever, a dull moment. On any given day, we’re dealing with myriad issues that can potentially have a big impact on credit unions and 99 million Americans. And even when the government isn’t working, those issues still require attention.

I’ve been on the association side for eight years now, first at the state league level and the past four years at the national level. What has been most challenging overall is to see the layer upon layer of legislation and regulation policymakers have added with little regard for practicalities.

While most policies start out with good intentions they become very complicated as they move through the process. The consequences of much that happens in Washington create real and constant challenges, and we have to stay vigilant.

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