What is CISO as a service for a credit union?

Some of you might be wondering what CISO as a service is. This post is for you!

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as a service is a unique approach to providing consultation around cyber security. Many small to medium-sized credit unions either lack the resources necessary altogether or the have an internal resource who is limited by the magnitude of his/her responsibilities. Ultimately, organizations like these need to bring in expertise around cyber security and information security to meet their needs.

CISO as a service brings top industry expertise to your organization. It brings in individuals who can truly focus on your security issues and provide disciplines around how to develop your security posture. One question we like to ask is would you go to a surgeon who has only ever dealt with one patient? Probably not. A CISO that works with many credit unions brings a depth and breadth of expertise, tools, tricks and ideas that help satisfy boards, examiners, and other key constituents.

The CISO as a service tool is valuable not only for the expertise of the individuals involved, but also for the technology involved. Those individuals will assess what you have and how you are using it and provide recommendations on what technology is best for your organization to implement. The technology and the CISO work together to develop your posture as an organization.

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