Claiming the Iron Throne of work-life balance

Nearly a decade has been dedicated to seeing who would win the Iron Throne and there were some massive roadblocks along the journey to last night’s series finale. Whether or not you agree with how the series wrapped up there are some really interesting lessons to take away from the show, one in particular I wanted to focus on was what’s standing in your way of getting what you want?

A phrase I hear and read about so often is “work-life balance”. To be honest, I’ve asked a lot if it really exist or is it just a fantasy made up by George R. R. Martin himself? The theories on this are all over the map from “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day” to “schedule your priorities” and everywhere in between. Is it something anyone can have or is it destined to go up in flames?

Last night as I lay in bed watching this quest come to an end I realized how similar we’ve probably all been these characters at points along our journey for the Iron Throne (the mythical balance). What I learned is that each of these characters had a fatal flaw that made obtaining the thing they wanted (or should have had) so badly impossible. It made me wonder, what’s standing in my way of taking the Iron Throne? How to I become the Protector of my Realm and provide myself the balance I need? What’s my fatal flaw?


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