Climbing new heights with your credit union branding

I recently had the exhilarating experience of climbing Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, a journey not only of physical ascent (and sore muscles the next day) but also of strategic teamwork and guidance. If you’re considering the monumental tasks of rebranding, undergoing a name change or building a new website for your credit union or community bank…you might view it with the same apprehension I had at the base of the 180-foot high, 600-foot long falls.

But my climb held several lessons for how any of these bank or credit union branding projects can go from intimidating to inspiring.

The guiding hand: Why branding expertise matters

Just as a guide’s deep familiarity with every step of the Falls was crucial for a safe and enjoyable climb, navigating the slippery slopes of a rebrand or website overhaul requires experienced professionals. Most senior leaders at financial institutions don’t frequently undergo such significant changes. They need a guiding hand.


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