Closing the gap on life insurance purchases

Life insurance can play a vital role in your members’ financial well-being but often there is a growing gap between the life insurance a member needs and the life insurance they own. What can you do to close those gaps and help your members access the coverage they need?

We’ll discuss common member worries, the goals life insurance can help them address, barriers to an insurance purchase, and the steps your credit union can take to better understand your members and their needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • [01:59] In the latest round of CUNA Mutual Group’s What Matter Now Research, millennials stood out in their financial worries in almost every category. Gen Xers weren’t far behind.
  • [02:22] Multiracial members had the highest levels of worry and white members saw the biggest increase in worries over the past five years. One of the things that people are really concerned about is what would happen to their household if their primary wage earner passed away.
  • [05:55] First credit unions should help take away some of the complexity and confusion around life insurance. The LIMRA data shows that only a quarter of Americans are comfortable talking about end-of-life topics.
  • [09:00] The key point is the importance of working intentionally to understand and serve all elements that make up members’ identities. When credit unions can do that they are better able to meet members where they are and better able to understand how to improve their financial wellbeing.


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