CO-OP isn’t changing. It’s transforming

CO-OP has been making news with big changes, most recently with the announcement that the company is acquiring its longtime strategic partner TMG, and that they’re partnering with software developer Feedzai to develop a machine learning tool with artificial intelligence to combat fraud. These changes are among many at CO-OP, but they only tell part of the story. CO-OP is using these developments to launch its digital transformation journey.

If you’ve been following the conversations about digital transformation on, you already know that this process entails more than acquiring new channels or technology. Food for thought from the THINK blog:

“The modern credit union must go beyond simply adding new or improved digital channels for its members. To meet the challenges of today’s digital reality, credit unions must transform themselves. While the member-facing objective of a digital credit union is clear – being able to deliver a unified, omnichannel and extraordinary customer experience – the ultimate goal is to become a frictionless enterprise.” 

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