Combat fraud with staff, member education

Make information quick, relevant, and easy to understand.

by: Joe Day

“When your members fall victim to ID theft, your credit union will ultimately pay.”

That’s according to Jim Stickley, CEO of Stickley on Security, speaking at the 2015 National Association of Credit Union Service Organization (NACUSO) Annual Conference in Orlando April 13-16 in Orlando.

Stickley has been stealing credit cards and hacking accounts for years as a cyber security expert. He discussed the evolving threats credit union members and employees are dealing with, from malware to malicious mobile applications.

What’s a credit union’s best defense? Employee and member education.

For employees, Stickley encourages education and training and a comprehensive security policy with limited internet access.

For members, credit unions need to provide both general education regarding cyber security and awareness about current threats to look out for. The information needs to be quick, easy to understand, and relevant or it won’t reach members.

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