Communication has changed: Has your marketing?

“Communication and language have changed,” writes Chris Brogan in his recent weekly business advice piece (which you can only receive by subscribing to his e-mail list, which I highly recommend). He goes on to say, “It has to be received and understood for it to be communication. Otherwise, it’s noise.”

As a credit union or bank, are your marketing messages getting lost in all the noise? Perhaps it’s because you have not changed your communication. If you are still using the same tools, same messages and same campaigns from even two years ago then you are not adapting.

Brogan identified the following five communication trends:

  • People aren’t reading as much. Nineteen minutes a day.
  • Language is shifting. From “conversational” to “informal.” From “in depth” to “as brief as possible.”
  • Visuals are more and more core to everyday language.
  • It’s even more brief. Like Facebook messenger brief.
  • Multi-touch communication across a variety of platforms is more the norm than “where’s that one place I know I can reach them” communication.
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