What do #CommunityLIVE, IT and Coulrophobia have in common?

I’m sure we all know someone who has it. Maybe you yourself suffer from it. Informal studies estimate that nearly 12 percent of the population is afflicted. So, then, what is coulrophobia and what on Earth does it have to do with CommunityLIVE?

Coulrophobia is defined as the abnormal and irrational fear of clowns. And with this weekend’s motion picture release of IT, an updated version based on the famous Stephen King novel featuring the terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown, you’re bound to experience—or at least hear more about—coulrophobia.

Now that I’ve conjured up creepy images of clowns and nearly ruined your day (or night), let me explain my long, roundabout way of comparing this to CommunityLIVE. In my spare time, I freelance write for a horror movie review site called scaretissue.com.

Moreover, I had the privilege of catching the first showing of IT last night in order to write my review. Afterward, it had me thinking about updated versions of things and evolving stories to adapt to current times. This version of IT is not the first. Nor will it likely be the last. With each version, the audience craves more and, if done well, gets more.

Were they not able to give the audience what it craves, then the story would no longer be viable – it would wash away in the storm drain and not float down there.

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