Complaint management and a review of NCUA’s complaint process

Hello, compliance friends! As a millennial, before trying a new restaurant, traveling somewhere new or even a joining a new credit union, I like to at least do some research. Normally, I try to read reviews from various sources to ascertain a broad sense of the market’s feedback. As people continue to grow more reliant on the opinions of others, I want to explore what this may mean for credit union complaints and how credit unions can potentially mitigate this risk.

From a reputational risk perspective, a member complaint going viral presents a huge threat to credit unions. To mitigate this risk, a well-designed and properly implemented complaint management program is a tool that can uncover noncompliant business practices. Strong complaint management programs also can improve member service by providing members with an easy-to-use method of resolving issues.

Note: as a credit union considers their complaint management system, the credit union may also want to review and define what constitutes a “complaint” so that staff understands when escalation to the complaint resolution process is necessary. The credit union may also want to institute appropriate training on these policies for any staff members that resolve complaints or may have the opportunity to receive a complaint from a member. It is also important for policies and procedures to include how and when responses should be made, including any regulatory time limitation, i.e. Regulation E’s error resolution process.

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