Connecting data to create value and growth

What would you do if you knew the following information:

  • The make, model, and competition for member’s next vehicle.
  • Where members shop, buy their groceries, fast food, and gas.
  • Identify what members are most likely to watch, read and listen.
  • Identify who is currently disrupting your business.

And, if you knew all this, how would you change your products, channels, staff and marketplace position to increase the value to your members? Fortunately for the industry, credit unions have robust amounts of data that can be connected to gain insights to help them better understand their members and improve their lives.

Here is how Our Community Credit Union, (Asset size $350 Million) located in the Pacific Northwest, was able to connect their data, create insights and improve their member value. They engaged with OnApproach M360 data warehouse solution and THRIVE Strategic Services to connect their data and build strategy.

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